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How to start crewing business in Ukraine?

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Crewing, nowadays, is a profitable business and fast-developing kind of activity. 

Our company took part many times in the process of Crewing firms creation both for the local businessmen, and for the foreign investors as well.

The thing is that such kind of activity is licensed in Ukraine. So, in order to start Your business in mediation in employment abroad (crewing), You need to get the specific license. 

We will talk about our personal experience in the field and answer the most frequently asked questions.

This article can be potentially useful for:

  • foreign companies that plan on hiring the staff in Ukraine;
  • businessmen in Ukraine who want to start a business related to crewing activity.

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Our practical experience in registration of the company with a license for employment mediation abroad

We were contacted by a Client - a foreign ship management company, who wanted to recruit seamen both, for their own ships and those under their management. 

The question was: Is it possible to create a crewing company in Ukraine that will work in the field of recruiting seamen and be legally based in Odessa?

We started our work immediately from registering the LLC.

These are the documents required for LLC registration in Ukraine by a foreign company:

  • Certificate of incorporation of such company in its origin country. It must be duly certified by the authority that issued the certificate and, depending on the country of incorporation, validated or apostilled;
  • Power of Attorney for our lawyers.

Starting such project we always double check the nature of international relations between our countries as it can influence the whole process of interaction. 

We were able to register the company in just few days and proceeded to work on the case further.

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How to organize the work of crewing company?

To start work of such company, You need to obtain a license for agency in overseas recruitment for it. Such license covers various types of mediation in employment abroad including crewing.

To obtain the license, You need to submit following documents:

  • Information about the list of vessels which the foreign employer legally has at his disposal and uses, and/or the list of crews which he manages. Such document must be certified by the foreign employer himself. 
  • The draft of an employment agreement certified by the foreign employer. This is incredibly important document. Such draft must comply with requirements of the law of Ukraine. We can help You with drafting such agreement for guaranteed license obtainment.

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The Client provided us with all the needed documents on his behalf, and we’ve helped with all the drafts and documents application. We’ve also organized a streamlined procedure. The whole procedure took us only two weeks to finish. Our Client was able to start his crewing activity in Ukraine. 

If You want to learn more about the price on the license for employment mediation abroad or receive any help with LLC registration in Ukraine - call us!

Views: 1304
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