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Assistance of a lawyer in court to a foreigner in Ukraine

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Our company specializes in providing services in the field of business or immigration law, such as assistance in obtaining a work permit or advice on tax optimization of business.

But we also provide services when our clients need assistance in protecting their personal property or other rights.

Today we will tell about our case from the practice of representing a foreigner in court in Ukraine, against whom fraudulent actions were committed.

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The essence of the case: the protection of a foreigner in court in Ukraine

The Client against whom the fraudulent actions in Ukraine have been made has addressed to us. The situation was that our client, a foreigner, met in Ukraine a woman with whom he had a relationship. Having decided to connect his life with the woman and stay to live in Ukraine, the client offered her to conclude a marriage.

After that, the bride asked the Client to give her some money to prepare for the wedding, as well as to solve her personal problems related, in her words, to the state of health.

Once the money was received (which is more than 10,000 dollars), the bride went into hiding and stopped communicating with our Client.

Realizing that he had been deceived and wanting to defend his rights, the Client turned to us for help.

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The work of our lawyers to protect the interests of a foreigner in court

  • we analyzed the Client's situation from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation and litigation, explained to him that the actions of his ex-fiancée can be qualified as fraud;
  • helped the Client to prepare a criminal complaint and filed this complaint on his behalf. Our lawyers provided full representation of the Client's interests;
  • monitored the application. 

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As a result of our work:

  • a pre-trial investigation has been initiated;
  • the parents of the citizen, the interpreters who were involved in the communication process and other witnesses were questioned;
  • for fear of criminal punishment, the ex-bride voluntarily partially compensated for the money received.

In this case, the Client reacted in time and asked for help, because often, after the expiration of time, such fraud cases are rarely brought to court. 

If You need help in protecting Your interests in court in Ukraine - please contact us!

Views: 1432
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