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Can I get a residence permit in Ukraine through business registration?

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Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is possible only if there are certain grounds, a list of which is approved by the laws of Ukraine. But what to do if there are no such grounds? 

At present, a working scheme for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine without grounds is the registration of a company in Ukraine and employment as its director. This will not only provide an opportunity to get a residence permit yourself, but to move in the future his family, by obtaining a residence permit for family reunification.

Today we will talk in detail about the process of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine through the business start-up, how much it costs and in which cases it will be beneficial.

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How can a business start-up be a basis for obtaining a residence permit?

In simple words, the basis will not be the start of the business itself, but your employment in the established company. A work permit in Ukraine is one of the established grounds for obtaining a residence permit. And if you do not have a Ukrainian employer willing to take you to work, such an employer can be created - through the registration of the company.

The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  1. A company is registered in your name in Ukraine. It will be fully owned by you. At the same time a Ukrainian (one of the lawyers of the company) is appointed as the director of the company. The fact is that you cannot immediately become the director of the company without a work permit, and to get a work permit the company must already be established and have a director;

  2. New Ltd. draws up an application for a work permit for you in Ukraine (at the same time we draw up TIN);

  3. After obtaining the work permit the director of the firm is replaced - you replace our lawyer in this position;

  4. After obtaining a work permit, a package of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is formed and submitted.

If you subsequently want to move your wife or husband to Ukraine, it is optimal to do it through "family reunification" rather than employment in the same company, because in the case of hired labor at the firm, in addition to the director, you will have an obligation to pay taxes.

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Can problems arise with a registered company in Ukraine?

It is important to remember that if you open a company and subsequently use it to do business in Ukraine, you must comply with the rules of its maintenance, that is, regularly pay taxes and submit reports to the tax authorities. 

You must also submit reports if there is no activity in the company - our lawyers will advise you on how to do it correctly and to avoid problems with tax authorities. Remember, the existence of the company determines the validity of your work permit, and therefore the validity of the residence permit.

Our company offers you the following services:

  • Registration of LLC in Kiev, provision of services of temporary director of LLC;

  • Registration of insurance in Ukraine, including from COVID-19;

  • Obtaining a foreigner TIN;

  • Registration of TIN for a foreigner in Ukraine;

  • Appointment of a foreigner as Director of his LLC on the basis of work permit in Ukraine;

  • Obtaining residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of work permit in Ukraine;

  • Arrangement of residence registration in Kiev.

Do you want to get a residence permit in Ukraine and in the future to be engaged in your own business here? Please contact us! We will help make your plan a reality quickly and easily.

Views: 346
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