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Can I get a residence permit in Ukraine through business registration?

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Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is possible only if there are certain grounds, a list of which is approved by the laws of Ukraine. But what to do if there are no such grounds? 

One of the possible, absolutely legal schemes in Ukraine is company registration. At the same time, many foreigners are frightened by such a scheme, because they have no idea what it means to register a business in Ukraine, what level of responsibility it will carry, and what will happen to this company in the future.

Today we will answer all these questions and tell you about the benefits or risks of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine through the employment of the director in his own Ukrainian company.

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How can a business start-up be a basis for obtaining a residence permit?

work permit in Ukraine is one of the established grounds for obtaining a residence permit. Of course it would be convenient to find a Ukrainian company, get an official offer and get a work permit this way. But if there is no workplace for you yet - you can do it yourself.

The main thing that bothers foreign clients in this process - is it not dangerous to register a company in Ukraine, and what to do with it further - after obtaining the coveted residence permit?

The registration algorithm is simple enough. The main thing you need to know is that you will need a TIN in Ukraine, Power of Attorney to our experts and that the director of the registration will be a Ukrainian lawyer. You will be the founder, that is 100% owner of the company.

After the registration you will be able to take the position of director, after the registration of the request for a work permit for a foreigner.

But coming back to the question of security and the further fate of the company.

First of all, the scheme itself is safe, because it is legal. A risky scheme will be if a legal intermediary offers you employment in an already existing company, and you cannot check it in advance. Migration services know well the list of companies that fictitiously invite foreigners to Ukraine and block their actions.

But to register your own company - will give you the green light to continue in Ukraine.

But here it is important to consider one thing - you can not register a company, issue a residence permit and forget about the firm. Every month will need to submit reports on the activities of such a company, even if the activity is not carried out.

And the issue here is not a relationship with the tax authorities, but that if you lose your work permit, and the residence permit is also canceled.

It is not difficult to submit reports - you can even do it online. Our specialists will give you detailed instructions.

Do you want to get a residence permit in Ukraine and in the future to be engaged in your own business here? Please contact us! We will help make your plan a reality quickly and easily.

Views: 906
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