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Temporary residence permit in Ukraine: benefits

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TRP - is a document that can be issued for a foreign citizen or a stateless person. It allows you to stay legally on territory of Ukraine longer than the period allotted for tourist or business trips, as well as gives a number of other advantages, which we will talk about today.

For many years our company has been helping foreigners from all over the world not only to legalize their stay in Ukraine, but also to solve other legal problems related to their life in our country: safe marriage, buying or selling real estate, starting a business and much more.

Today we offer you useful and easy-to-understand information that will familiarize you with such a permit as a temporary residence permit - you will be able to understand whether this is the type of permit you need, whether this solution is suitable for your situation, and whether you have legal grounds to obtain such a document.

If you would like to get an expert opinion from a lawyer in Ukraine in person, please contact us for a personal consultation. It can be held online, you do not need to be in the same city or even country.

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What will such a document give to you and in what situation does it make sense to make it?

The main reason why foreigners apply for a residence permit is the ability to stay in the country for a long term, which does not give just a tourist visa - which usually ends after 90 days. A residence permit can be obtained for a year or 3 years, depending on the situation - primarily on the grounds on which you apply to the Migration Service.

In addition to a longer stay, you will be able to enter and leave the country any number of times, without the need to obtain a separate visa each time you enter Ukraine.

One of the interesting advantages is the right to obtain a driving license in Ukraine. To do this, citizens of other countries will need to take a driving course and pass the exam specified by law. But it's a nice opportunity, which you can take advantage of, if there is such a need.

Another extremely important advantage for any foreigner is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit also for his family: wife and children. Thus, one of the family members gets a residence permit first, if he has grounds for that - for example, through employment or opening a business, and his family members get their permits on the basis of his received documents.

This scheme is used by many foreigners who have no grounds for obtaining a permit - then the easiest way is to register a company and the employment of a family member as its director.

By the way, let's talk about why grounds play such a big role in the permitting process.

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Why there must be grounds and other issues of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

There are a limited number of grounds for obtaining a permit in Ukraine. All of them are fixed in the law, and we talked about them in detail
here. The most common are marriage to a Ukrainian or someone who already has a permit, work in a company or volunteer organization or, for example, study at a Ukrainian university.

As we have said, even if now you do not have grounds - they can be created by going through the procedure of creating a company, or by setting up the right relationships with volunteer organizations in Ukraine.

But you should immediately understand that, depending on the grounds, there may be differences for the terms of obtaining a residence permit, and even individual rights. So, for example, if you get permission on the basis of employment in a volunteer organization, officially you will not be able to work in a Ukrainian company.

Residence permit is convenient for those who want to be in Ukraine in the near future, or to be able to come often without bothering every time you enter (especially in a pandemic).

It is easier and faster to get such a permit than a permanent residence permit. That is why you need to weigh what is more important for you - to get a chance to move to Ukraine faster, or to get a long term permit.

In any case, we will tell you how to get the permit that will meet your needs. Turn to the experts for a simple solution to your problems!

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Views: 807
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