Audit services in Ukraine

What we do

  • We will advise you on possible types of audit and determine which one is appropriate for your situation;
  • We will audit specific transactions and periods;
  • We will audit the entire accounting system in the company;
  • We will audit personnel records in the company;
  • We will check the work of the previous accountant;
  • Identify errors that, in the future, may cause problems with the tax authorities or failure in the accounting system;
  • We will take care of reducing the risk of fines during tax audits;
  • We will help you to improve the accounting system in your company;
  • We will help you to pass further audits with the state authorities.
Audit services in Ukraine
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Audit services in Ukraine

Your business may need an audit in a variety of situations. The most common reason for seeking an audit from a lawyer is the imminent tax audit you've learned about. For many businesses, unfortunately, it is normal not to worry too much about the order of their documentation, until the tax authorities loom on the horizon with their audits.

And those inspections can be not only “planned” or scheduled. If one of the consumers will leave a complaint against you, you may well fall under an unscheduled inspection, for which you have much less time to prepare.

And of course, the tax authorities will always find something to pick on. But at the same time, you can make it a difficult task for them by correctly keeping records and filing reports in your company.

The task of a lawyer during an audit, if we are preparing for a tax inspection, is to determine which transactions and for which period will be audited, and afterwards, to put the entire workpaper in maximum order.

Another, more positive reason for requesting an audit from a law firm is the desire of the owner or director of a business to check the operation of its accounting system and to take care of the security of the business as a whole. In such a case, it is not specific transactions that need to be checked, but the system itself and its organization.


  • plus

    Team of different specialists

    An audit is never carried out by an accountant alone. Depending on the situation, you can also add a tax lawyer, financial lawyer, corporate lawyer, HR specialist, etc. to the team. This will make it possible to approach the audit comprehensively.
  • plus

    Experienced accountants

    Our company employs not only lawyers, but also a team of accountants. They have experience working with foreign businesses in Ukraine. Moreover, an accountant always works in tandem with a lawyer. This is an assurance for you of the quality of the audit performed.


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Financial reporting audit

Suppose you have been working in the Ukrainian market for some time, but you feel that not everything in your accounting system is perfect. The numbers don't always add up, or you have some reason to believe that your accountant is not 100% in control of the situation. That is, you need to confirm that your accounting is correct, you are not losing income, and you are not at risk of unexpected additional tax charges.

If the company is many years old, it is difficult to even decide where to start the audit. In such a situation, you can start with what we call an express audit. Our audit group chooses a short period of the company's operation with a specific number of transactions. And in their example we quickly and accurately identify possible errors or irregularities in the process. Comparative analysis will help us quickly identify the facts of errors and their scope, and then we can do targeted auditing and correction of the situation.

During such an audit, the legal adviser also makes a basic check of the company's constituent documents and the agreements under which transactions were carried out. This will help identify errors not only by the accountant, but also by the lawyer who worked on these documents.

Next, a professional team of an accountant and a tax lawyer will make detailed statement and recommendations for you not only on eliminating identified errors, but also on organizing the process safer and more efficiently in the future.


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Important to know

International audit firm in Ukraine

There is another category of clients who turn to us for an audit - these are foreign investors who are looking for a promising business in Ukraine. Of course, they are interested in the question of how safe the business they have chosen is and how the accounting system in it is structured. How great are the investment risks and whether there is no information that such a business could hide from the investor.

Such an audit can be conducted with or without the consent of the business owner. Our lawyers have access to all the necessary resources and registers to conduct an external audit. Of course, if the business owner wants your investment, they will also give access to the internal records of the business for the audit. We will check all important aspects including intellectual property rights.

We can check existing businesses, assets you are planning to acquire, franchises and startups in Ukraine.

If you need the help of an accountant and tax lawyer in Ukraine, contact us!


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner