Legal support of charities

What we do

  • We will fully support the whole process of registration, starting from the choice of the form of registration of charitable activities in Ukraine;

  • We will help with the organization of interconnection with the parent foreign foundation, if any;

  • Consulting on tax matters for both donors and organization beneficiaries;

  • Obtaining non-profit status and inclusion in the registry of volunteer organizations etc;

  • Personnel and accounting services for charitable organizations contribute;

  • Help with payroll;

  • Development of contracts and consultations on the application of Ukrainian legislation for the benefit of charitable activities;

  • Consulting on legal protection and organization of charitable activities in Ukraine.

Legal support of charities
from 500 USD/month

Legal firm support for charities in Ukraine

In their daily work, charitable organizations come to us with the same problems:

  • Do I need to confirm the moment the charity is transferred?

Of course, yes. Otherwise, there may be a risk of receiving penalties from the Tax Service. This can be acceptance certificates, separate contracts and other documents - depending on the circumstances. In this situation, we work with our clients and either prepare templates of documents for them or maintain all documentation ourselves.

  • The need to comply with the 80/20 principle. 

A charitable organization can use no more than 20% of its income for administrative expenses. However, proper expense planning can reduce these costs. Our company can help with such planning and control of its fulfillment. 

  • Failure to match a charity's activities with what is stated in the Articles of Incorporation.

This is a problem that can be prevented even before the Foundation is established through proper drafting of the Charter.

These are just a number of problems, although we have certainly listed the most common ones. The lawyer's job is to provide legal advice and help resolve all such problems before they arise.


  • plus

    We specialize in charitable foundations

    This means that our team includes lawyers and accountants who have the practical experience you need to protect and organize your business in Ukraine. We know exactly how it works and we will help you.
  • plus

    Created dozens of charitable foundations

    We don't just register a charitable organization. Based on your interests and our experience, we can design a unique structure to suit your foundation's objectives.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Legal support for charitable organization in Ukraine

Comprehensive servicing comprises several components that complement each other. Typically, it includes:

  • Legal support - consultations, contract work, corporate law issues, and other legal aspects related to organizational activities.

  • Accounting services - financial reporting preparation, payroll calculation, and so forth.

  • Human resources support - assistance with personnel documentation, recruitment, and staff dismissal.

  • Management of charitable fund accounts.

As needed, we also provide assistance in obtaining documents for foreign citizens, such as temporary or permanent residence permits etc. Additionally, we help organize volunteer work in Ukraine and facilitate the involvement of foreign volunteers in organizational activities.

In fact, we offer you the services of a legal representative who knows exactly how the system works in Ukraine, what difficulties you may encounter and how to avoid them.


President A. Netrebchuk, Ukrainian squash federation

Laywers of your firm did not only draft new version of charter in accordance with our requests and requirements of the amended law but also conducted examination of available charter documents...... More information

L. Sizikova, the first vise-president of the Kyiv CCI , Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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General Manager V. Abramov, PJSC "ORGREGIONPROEKT"

Upon requesting services of your law firm we received comprehensive information about representative office registration procedure, required resources and terms that helped us to assess the situation and finally reassure ourseves about the decision we made... More information

General director Skibinskiy V., Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd.

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Important to know

Where does service to a charitable organization begin?

We build our work very simply - we start with a consultation. We will ask you a series of questions to understand your goals in Ukraine, how and what kind of business you plan to run. We will also find out your vision of process organization. And then we will simply suggest the best of the existing options.

The advantage of working with us is that you can get in one place all the services you need. This means that we can choose from a list of exactly those aspects where you need help, or we can offer full support.

Are you planning to conduct charitable activities in Ukraine? Do not act blindly. We will make sure that you do not make costly mistakes.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner