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Where to get a business invitation to Ukraine?

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Invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner - is a special kind of permit to enter Ukraine. More precisely, this is the document that will help you get a visa to Ukraine, if it is required for citizens of your country. This invitation can be issued to you by relatives or friends living in Ukraine - but in this case you can only count on a short-term stay in the country.

But an invitation can be issued by a legal entity as well. Most often this is used in case a foreigner is invited for work in Ukraine and needs to get a visa for crossing the border and further obtaining a work permit or even residence permit in Ukraine.

A separate type of invitation to Ukraine for foreigners is an invitation from foreign representative office - if such foreigner works in foreign company, which has its registered representation (office) in Ukraine.

Invitation to Ukraine will have a limited validity period - it will enable you to apply for a visa. But it does not always guarantee 100% border crossing or further successful execution of documents for legalization of stay in Ukraine - here you need to choose very carefully the person who will send you an invitation and will deal with your registration in the country.

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Registration of business visa to Ukraine and other services of migration lawyers in Kyiv

In our practice there were situations when a foreigner going to Ukraine to visit his civil wife with the invitation of a natural person was not allowed to enter the country because his country of residence was in the list of migration risk countries. That had to be solved by submitting a lawyer's request to the Ukrainian authorities. 

An important step for most foreigners in obtaining a visa is a visit to the embassy - but unfortunately, this is also the stage when many face organizational difficulties. Often the embassy may not have an online appointment, may not have the most convenient working hours. In this case we offer our services for the organization of the interview at the embassy, moreover - we can prepare the client for the interview.

We also take into account the current situation with the world pandemic and periodic introduction of quarantine in Ukraine and other countries, which can affect the rules of entry and even the term of stay or receipt of documents for entry into Ukraine.

Our task is to find and organize exactly the option that will be most convenient for you. Both in obtaining an invitation and in the subsequent execution of documents in Ukraine.

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Our company draws up a business invitation - that is a document drawn up on behalf of a legal entity. We will prepare it in 1 day - we need only your personal data and a copy of your passport.

If you are looking for reliable legal support in Ukraine - contact us. We are a simple solution even for complicated issues.

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Views: 1070
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