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Obtainment of license for transportation of dangerous goods in Ukraine

What we do

  • Advise on all issues related to obtaining a license - how this will happen, timing, cost, etc.;
  • Analyze your level of preparation and the risks of failure for you;
  • We’ll tell you if anything can be corrected to increase the chances of receiving the document;
  • Prepare documents for you, including an application and statements, based on your information;
  • We will carry out the entire procedure independently on the basis of a power of attorney;
  • If necessary, we will prepare for you other documents necessary for the work and their drafts;
  • Advise you on how not to lose the license issued to you and what your next steps are.
License for cargo transportation
from 600 USD

Transportation licensing in Ukraine

The transport license was introduced by Ukraine in order to better control these types of activities, especially if they concern certain risks, such as the transport of dangerous goods. There are several types of such licenses, some are a little easier to obtain, some are a little simpler, it all depends on the degree of risk and your preparation.

In any case, you will need to meet the requirements established by government agencies. If we very generalize the information, then as a standard you will need to provide information about several factors, including your technical equipment, that is, cars, and your personnel, that is, drivers.

In addition to simply having a truck and a qualified driver, you will need to think about how the vehicle will be maintained, repaired, and who will conduct medical examinations for your drivers, and how. Having extensive experience working with such companies, we will propose the optimal algorithm for you.


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    All services in one place

    Our team has a wide range of specialists in a variety of areas of law, including land, labor, tax and even medical law. This means that we will not only help you with a transport license, but also with the very start of the business, if necessary.
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    Different types of transportation

    Our experience helps us obtain not only licenses for cargo transportation or transportation of dangerous goods, but also passenger licenses, including international ones.


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License for transportation of dangerous goods in Ukraine

All your vehicles that you plan to use at work must be designed to meet the types of cargo that you plan to transport. Also, even before the license, you will need to confirm the category of these cars as suitable for transportation.

High-quality work must also be carried out with the driver - he must undergo certain training. And you should have emergency instructions ready. We can help you develop the necessary documents, including contracts with counterparties.

The situation will be different for those companies or entrepreneurs who plan to transport such cargo within Ukraine or abroad. For example, if it is still international transportation, the requirements for the license applicant will become stronger, and it will be necessary to provide evidence of at least three years of similar activity on the territory of Ukraine.

Remember that if the destination of your cargo is another country, a number of mandatory accompanying documents are added to the transportation license. We can also help with their registration.


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Important to know

Get license for cargo transportation in Ukraine

If we are talking about transporting cargo in Ukraine, simple cargo, say a cabinet or even a whole truck of goods, you will not need a license. A permit will have to be obtained only in cases where the cargo can be regarded as dangerous, or if we are talking about international transportation. In the second case, you also need to take care of a number of other permitting documents.

Among the interesting facts about the issuance of a license, it is worth noting that the license will always be issued specifically to the enterprise, but even before receiving it, you will have to provide yourself with cars and indicate all of them in the statements. By the way, these cars can be rented. Then, when expanding or narrowing your fleet, you will enter new data into the license.

During the war, the conditions for obtaining a license were somewhat simplified. What the situation will be like afterwards is still difficult to predict. But our team will help you get a license both now and at any time after.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner