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Invitation letter for obtainment of Ukrainian visa

What we do

  • Advise on all matters related to obtainment of invitation letter and Ukrainian visa;

  • Provide drafts of some required documents;

  • Help to fill out applications and other forms;

  • Management for filing all the required documents with the State Migration Service;

  • Provide other related services and support.

Invitation letter to Ukraine
from 350 USD

The terms for issuing an invitation is 1 business day.

Ukrainian laws set different cost (consular fees) for issuance of visa to Ukraine. Find out what visa to Ukraine will cost to you.

Successfully rendered services

Private visa invitation obtained in October of 2016

The invitation letter was received for a citizen of Rwanda who wanted to visit family in Ukraine.

Official invitation to Ukraine received in March of 2016

The invitation was obtained for a citizen of Iran. Inviting party represented by an individual from Kiev.

Official invitation letter for Ukrainian visa obtainment

The document was obtained by our lawyers in April of 2015 for a Client from the State of Palestine

Official invitation letter for Ukrainian visa obtainment

The document was obtained by our attorneys in February of 2015 for a Client from Egypt


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    More than 10 years of practice

    We have been drawing up invitations for foreigners to Ukraine for more than 10 years and we are closely following the slightest changes in legislation.
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    Immediate result

    You won't have to take any extra action or waste time. We already have a ready-made legal entity, which can execute for You the invitation in Ukraine within 1 day.


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Required documents

  • Information about the duration of stay in Ukraine
  • Copy of a foreigner’s passport
  • Information about the future residence address of a foreigner

Required documents and information

In order to receive the invitation letter, we need only:

  • filled out standard application form;

  • passport;

  • information about the ability to provide sufficient financial coverage of expenses related to foreigner’s or stateless person’s staying in Ukraine.

There are several ways to get an invitation - the main difference is who issues/provides such a document for you. It is worth noting that the migration authorities and consular offices may treat the sources of the invitation with varying degrees of confidence. On the one hand, a visa is more likely to be given to a foreigner with an invitation from a legal entity, and on the other hand, it depends on the legal entity with what level of trust. A sponsor letter for visa must meet the requirements of the law.

Of course there is always an opportunity to issue a private or personal invitation. It is not suitable if you plan to do business or stay in Ukraine longer, but can be an option if you plan a tourist visit. Private invitations won’t work in most cases for foreigners from countries that are considered by Ukraine as “risky”. Only business invitations plus legal support can help you out in such situations.


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Important to know

Invitation letter for obtainment of Ukrainian visa is a document which serves as a legal ground for obtainment of short term visa at the embassy or consular establishment of Ukraine abroad. 

The document can be issued based on application of hosting party that is either a duly registered Ukrainian enterprise, establishment, organization, representative office (affiliate) of foreign company (legal entity) or individual (citizen of Ukraine, foreigner or stateless persons) who permanently resides or temporary stays on the territory of Ukraine for the purposes of education, internship, employment, other legal grounds and invite foreigners and stateless persons. We provide all the needed management to get you to Ukraine, even if the invitation letter is not the best option, we will recommend the employment or other visa possible in your situation.

If the letter issuance is denied, the local body of the State Migration Service, the employee of which made such decision has to provide the hosting party with a written notification that explains grounds of denial within 5 business days.

The invitation letter is valid for 6 months starting with the date of its issuance.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


In order to receive the invitation letter a foreigner has to confirm the sufficiency of his economic security level. We are talking about business invitations, not the tourist cases, although those can also be tricky depending on the country you are coming from.

Unless laws provide otherwise, each month of foreigner’s stay in Ukraine has to be supported by at least 20 living wages the amount of which is calculated as of the date of foreigner’s entry in Ukraine.

If the period of staying in Ukraine is shorter or longer than a month, the abovementioned amount is divided by an average number of days in one month (30 days) and multiplied times the planned number of days plus five. 

Upon successful completion of verification of sufficient economic security level a foreigner or stateless person:

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