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Head of a foreign company's representative office in Ukraine

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If you have an actively working company in your country and want to promote your services or goods on the Ukrainian market, opening a representative office in Ukraine is an excellent option.

Of course, in such a situation many people will be interested: can you put a foreigner at the head of a representative office in Ukraine? After all, any entrepreneur will be much calmer for his business, if one of his branches will be in responsibility of the already well-known employee who knows the business and the course of the company.

Today we will talk about whether a foreigner can take a leading position in the representative office of a company in Ukraine, what is necessary for this and how it can be properly executed.

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Do you need a work permit?

No. If the foreigner is appointed to the position by the parent company, the whole procedure of "employment" shall be based on the service cards issued by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

Such card can be obtained when the representative office itself is already fully registered. This is a special document that, like a work permit, allows staying on the territory of Ukraine, entering and leaving its borders.

If you do not want to prolong the whole process and think about how to start working in Ukraine in the shortest possible time - contact lawyers who deal with registration of representative offices on a professional basis. This will allow you to prepare documents in advance and submit them with a minimum pause between procedures.

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How then is the appointment of the manager and registration of his stay in Ukraine performed?

For a foreigner to start working as a director of a representative office in Ukraine, he must be appointed to this position by the highest governing body of the parent company. 

The document confirming the rights and obligations of the director is called a special power of attorney. It must be notarized and apostilled, and must contain a full list of his powers.

Such power of attorney must necessarily be translated into the Ukrainian language.

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Who can act as head of a foreign company's representative office in Ukraine?

The head of the representative office may be any capable natural person.

It is important to remember that in the process of registration of the representative office at the Ministry of Economy, only the above mentioned power of attorney is needed, where in addition to the rights and obligations, his name and place of residence are also indicated. 

But after registration of the office, the head of the representative office must be registered with the tax authorities of Ukraine. And for this he will need an identification number.

All these things can be prepared in parallel.

If you want to open a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine and want to put a foreigner in its head, a trusted person - call us. We will be able to conduct the whole procedure as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Views: 1256
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