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Obtainment of license for medical practice in Ukraine

What we do

  • Analyze your readiness to obtain a license;
  • Check the premises;
  • Check the doctor's documents;
  • Check the list of equipment;
  • Advise on the terms and conditions of opening a medical practice;
  • If the client wishes, we will receive an SES certificate;
  • Help you obtain a dental license;
  • Help you obtain a license for x-rays;
  • Advise you whether you need a medical director, how the medical council works, how to prepare staff to work with dissatisfied clients, etc.
Medical licence in Ukraine
from 700 USD

Get medical licence in Ukraine

Being a doctor is one of the most respected professions in the world. And as a result, such a business is often extremely profitable. Of course, since the work of a doctor always involves a certain risk - you take responsibility for the patient’s health, the state does not leave such activities uncontrolled. To be able to practice medicine, you need a license. And we can get it for you.

The advantage of our company is that we do not abandon our clients after receiving a license. We can help you with starting a business in general. Starting from consultations on premises and accounting, ending with training for staff on working with dissatisfied clients. We can protect your business legally in advance by developing the necessary documents and instructions.

Regarding obtaining licenses, in the last few years alone we have received more than 100 licenses for our clients, including during the war.


  • plus

    We do the whole application process

    By contacting us, you will receive support throughout the entire process of obtaining a licence. We will submit all the documents for you and will be the first to notify you of the result.
  • plus

    We work with large clinics

    It doesn’t matter what number of doctors or types of services you plan to provide - we take on even the most complex and large projects.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Terms to obtain medical licence in Ukraine

The requirements that the state imposes on everyone wishing to provide medical services are divided into three simple categories:

  • Premises;

  • Education and specialization (skills);

  • Equipment.

In order to understand what your situation is and the level of readiness for each item, you will need to analyze the documents issued by the licensing authority. We have already done it for you. We will analyze your readiness and compare it not only with the written requirements of the Ministry of Health, but also with how it works in real life. Our experience has shown us in which places it is possible to deviate slightly from the requirements if they are illogical in a given situation, etc.

By the way, a license can be issued either by the doctor himself, in his own name, or by a legal entity, which we recommend when creating a clinic - this simplifies the construction of internal work and the organization of several doctors. There is also the option of obtaining a license for a private entrepreneur, who at the same time hires a doctor with the required specialty.


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Important to know

Open medical practice licence in Ukraine

Our work together will begin with a consultation. We are located in Kyiv, but if you are currently abroad and are just planning a visit or opening a business remotely, the consultation can be carried out online.

Next, we can work in two directions:

  • Full support of the process of obtaining a license for you;
  • Preparing to open a medical business.

If at this stage you are only interested in the license, we will start by analyzing the existing documentation, tell you what needs to be corrected and fill out all the necessary forms for you.

If you are planning a serious medical business in Ukraine, we will start by choosing the optimal form of doing business and will involve lawyers not only in medicine, but also a tax specialist and an accountant. We will help you both build the internal structure of your business and protect it by developing internal documents for you that you can use for many years.

Do you need help from a medical lawyer? Contact us!


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner