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Where do I register a Sole proprietorship for a foreigner in Ukraine?

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Today we will talk about the process of registering Sole proprietorship for a foreigner in Ukraine, as well as how it happens in practice. 

Where do I start the registration process?

To register a Sole proprietorship in Ukraine, you will need to submit a filled standard application.

This application fills in information about:

  • passport details and identification number;
  • place of residence;
  • types of economic activities according to the classifier.

Since a foreign person does not have a Ukrainian identification (tax) code assigned, it must be obtained before the registration procedure for Sole proprietorship. You can read more about the taxation number and its purpose here.

The key point in filling out the application will be to correctly specify the activities according to the classifier. If you choose those that do not fully meet your future activities, you will be subject to fines and penalties in the future. 

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The process of filing documents at registration of the sole proprietorship in Ukraine

You can apply for Sole proprietorship registration in person. But there is an important point: if you do not speak Ukrainian, you will have to ask for help from an interpreter. Even if the law does not explicitly mention it. Such an interpreter can be a certified translator or a legal representative by power of attorney. 

The same power of attorney for a representative can save you the trouble of visiting the state registrar at all. The power of attorney will need to be notarised and your representative will submit it along with the rest of the documents during the application process.

A separate important point of registration will be your place of registration in Ukraine. The fact is that sole proprietorship must be registered with the tax authorities at the place of registration. It is simply impossible to be registered without a specific address. The legislation spells it out quite indirectly, where one follows from another. That is why it is important to know and take into account all the above points.

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Can a foreign entrepreneur become a single tax payer?

Yes. If among its activities there are no such, which are incompatible with the stay on the simplified taxation system. For example, lotteries, currency exchange, trade in excisable goods. 

The single tax is 5% of income (if excluding VAT), which is almost the lowest business tax in Europe.

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Views: 1455