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How to open a casino in Ukraine? Requirements for casino premises

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2020 was the year of legalization of casino activity for Ukraine. In Ukraine it became possible to open such business as online and offline casino, slot machines, poker and about five other activities. For each type of gaming license the legislator has established requirements for such activities.

At the time of writing, the final requirements for each type of casino license has not yet been established. But today we can already talk about what will be these requirements, and why the preparation for the opening of a casino in Ukraine can begin now.

What should be done to start the casino in Ukraine?

If you are going to start a gaming business in Ukraine, you will need to get a license for a casino. Again - the exact requirements for the licensees have not yet been formulated, but this does not mean that you need to start the process only after the requirements are accepted. We have been in contact with various Regulators (commissions that regulate in certain areas) for over 5 years, and therefore can already now guide you in what to expect from the licensing authority. 

We can develop an algorithm of actions already today, and by the time the requirements are adopted - just to correct the documents for their compliance with the law. This will save you time and be among the first online or offline casinos in Ukraine.

Here are some nuances on which we advise you to focus first.

Material and technical base of the casino.

Of course, not every room, and not all equipment may be suitable for opening a casino. In order for your gambling establishment to be called a "casino", it must have:

10 game tables, including 2 roulette tables and more than 50 slot machines, if the settlement has more than 500 000 people;

5 game tables, among which at least 1 roulette table and more than 20 slot machines, if the settlement is less than 500 000 people.

All equipment must be certified and connected to an online gambling system. This requires the appropriate approvals and permits to be obtained by our lawyers.

The staff of the casino.

Any casino must have over 50 officially employed employees. A little later, we will be able to tell you more about the demands placed on the manager and other administrative staff of the casino.

However, having at least 50 employees obliges you, as the owner of the casino:

  • To administer such a staff of people, which is quite difficult, given the need to know and take into account the norms of Ukrainian labor law, to resolve labor disputes and conflicts with employees at the pre-trial stage. The care of such processes can be taken by our firm as part of legal subscriber support of the firm in Ukraine.

  • To develop legally correct labor contracts, and to create an appropriate system of personnel and accounting of employees in order not to turn fixed-term contracts into open-ended contracts, and always on time to pay wages, bonuses, record absences, etc. We also have experience in such work.

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What other requirements exist for the placement of casinos in Ukraine?

There are also requirements for casinos on the level of electromagnetic radiation, sanitary conditions, sound noise, etc. However, so far there is no clear list of necessary permits. A separate paragraph also highlights the requirements for the area of 5-star hotels. Such a room must have an area of at least 500 meters. 

When choosing a room for a casino or a casino in a hotel, it is not enough to focus only on the square. For example, one of the requirements for the casino room is the need to restrict access to the casino room to unauthorized persons, which will be checked when issuing a license. We will be able to consider each room from the perspective of our practice of working with business in Ukraine and will help to form criteria for choosing the best room for offline casino in Ukraine.

Casino premises should also be equipped with video surveillance systems and security alarm systems, which also have specific requirements.

Don't waste any extra time and start preparing to open your casino today.

Want to open a casino in Ukraine? Apply to us! We will help you prepare all the documents in advance and provide you with the start of a profitable business in Ukraine.

Views: 1069
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