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Who should get permanent residence in Ukraine?

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Registration of permanent residence in Ukraine will give you many privileges, for example:

  • To be able to permanently reside on the territory of Ukraine while retaining the citizenship of their country;

  • To be able to enter and leave Ukraine unrestrictedly;

  • To enter Ukraine without a visa;

  • To be able to open your own business in Ukraine or get a job here, etc.

The term of the Permanent Residence Permit is 10 years, renewable, which already significantly reduces the amount of paperwork for you.

At the same time getting a permanent residence permit is a thorough work with the documents, terms and rules in a foreign country for you so far. We offer you to get permanent residence in Ukraine "turnkey". This means that we will take full care of the successful registration of permanent residence permit. 

Who can get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

In order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, an applicant must meet certain requirements:

  • His immigration must be in the interest of Ukraine, for example, the foreign employee is a researcher, athlete, cultural figure, etc;

  • The applicant has invested at least 100,000 USD in the economy of the country;

  • The applicant has close relatives in Ukraine;

  • The applicant used to be a citizen of Ukraine but withdrew his/her citizenship;

  • The applicant is married to Ukrainian citizen for more than 2 years;

  • The applicant has been residing in Ukraine for more than 3 years with refugee status;

  • Applicant took guardianship or adopted a citizen of Ukraine.

There are also separate conditions for immigration for different categories of people. For example, in 2021 Ukraine simplified the process of obtaining a permanent residence permit for IT specialists. 

If you did not find your case in this list, do not worry - there are other ways to legalize your stay in Ukraine. To begin with, it is possible to obtain a temporary residence permit.

We are often asked if you can get a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine by proxy without coming to Ukraine. The answer is no, you can not. But all the preparatory work can be done by a lawyer without your presence in Ukraine. You need to be present in person to submit the application and talk to the LSG.

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Legal assistance in obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Our lawyers have been helping with immigration issues in Ukraine for more than 10 years. 

In addition to assistance with obtaining a permanent residence permit or residence permit in Ukraine, we can also help you with:

  • Business organization in Ukraine;

  • Full support for your business in Ukraine;

  • Purchase of real estate in Ukraine;

  • Organization of relocation of your family to Ukraine, etc.

We will take care of your comfortable move to Ukraine and stay here. Contact us for a simple solution to your legal problems.

Views: 794