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Representative experience

Outstaffing: our experience and alternatives in Ukraine 16.09.2019

Outstaffing is a rather effective tool for personnel management, which is successfully used in many foreign countries. As for Ukraine, in our country such activity has not yet spread and is not properly regulated at the legislative level.

Our practical experience in inheritance related cases: inheritance in Ukraine 10.09.2019
Our company has helped in many cases that were related to the inheritance process, so we’ve decided to talk about the most common situations in the field.
How to get the temporary residence permit: various ways to settle in Ukraine 04.09.2019
We want to talk about few ways to stay in Ukraine that You might consider interesting
Which positions can a foreign citizen be assigned to in Ukraine without obligatory work permit? 27.08.2019

We will talk about our practical experience with several cases when our Clients wanted to be assigned for the leadership positions here in Ukraine

Representative office in Ukraine: Our practical experience and interesting aspects 02.08.2019

We will discuss all the questions you need to know before starting your business in Ukraine basing on our practical experience.

Assisted a client from Sweden with extending his marketing business in Ukraine 15.01.2018
In November of 2017 services of our lawyers in Kyiv were retained by a citizen of Sweden who wanted to extend his marketing business by entering Ukrainian market...
Won a debt collection case resulting from international sale contract 10.04.2017
Litigation lawyers of our law firm have successfully represented a foreign company in Ukraine (a creditor) in a debt collection lawsuit...
Formed a company for US citizen in Ukraine 21.03.2017
At the beginning of 2017 a citizen of the USA contacted our law firm in Kiev since he needed services of lawyer in Ukraine...
Our law firm represented a creditor in a debt collection lawsuit 10.02.2017
Office of our law firm in Kiev was contacted by representatives of a local company that needed to recover debt owed by its counterparty for a number of supplies...
Our firm represented creditor in debt collection lawsuit in Ukraine 11.10.2016
Our law firm’s Kyiv office was contacted by a large Ukrainian food wholesaler the counterparty of which had not paid for the last four supplies of goods...
Work authorization document for German national in Ukraine 28.06.2016
Successfully got permit for employment in Ukraine for citizen of Germany
Helped a German citizen to create company in Ukraine 27.05.2016
Corporate law attorneys of our law firm helped a foreign citizen to incorporate in Ukraine
Immigration attorneys helped a person from Iran to get visa to Ukraine 17.03.2016
Our firm helped a foreign citizen from Iran to receive official invitation for obtainment of Ukrainian visa
Attorneys of our law firm helped a citizen of Egypt to get official invitation to Ukraine 30.03.2015
Successfully got an invitation letter to Ukraine for a citizen of foreign country
Supported process of US citizen residence obtainment 05.01.2015
Successfully supported issuance of temporary residence permit for our client who wanted to do business in Ukraine
Helped our client from the US to form corporation in Ukraine 04.01.2015
Our experience of legal support of incorporation procedures in Ukraine
Successfully received work permit in Ukraine for a citizen of the USA 23.12.2014
Legal services were provided by migration law attorneys as a part of legal support of business entry onto Ukrainian market
Our lawyers have registered office of foreign company for doing business in Ukraine 18.11.2014
A case from our practice related to registration of representative office of foreign company in Ukraine
Our law firm helped to close Ukrainian office of company based in Cyprus 17.11.2014
A case from our practice related to closure of foreign company's office in Ukraine
We have ceased infringement of our client’s trademark which was unlawfully used on the Internet 16.11.2014
Our lawyers have successfully protected client's trademark
Our attorneys have successfully supported entry of foreign IT company onto Ukrainian market 05.11.2014
Assisting foreign IT company with establishment of its subsidiary in Ukraine
We have successfully supported entry of French pharmaceutical company onto Ukrainian market 14.10.2014
Our attorneys have succesfully supported entry of foreign pharmaceutical company on Ukrainian market
Assisted Polish company with registration of LLC for doing business in Ukraine 22.09.2014
A case from our practice related to establishment of branch office of foreign company in Ukraine
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