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Charities and not-for-profit organizations in Ukraine

Provision of legal services to not-for-profit organizations (charities, non-governmental organizations, sports federations) is one of our law firm’s major specializations.

Competence and experience of our lawyers are evidenced by the fact that among our clients we have Ukrainian Wrestling Association, Ukrainian Squash Federation, Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation of Ukraine as well as many other non-governmental organizations and charities.

It takes us about one week to register a non-governmental organization in Ukraine.

What we do
  • Registration of charity (charitable organization);
  • Registration of non-governmental organization (NGO);
  • Sell registered charities and non-governmental organizations;
  • Help already existing organization to get non-profit status;
  • Help to amend charter  of a charity (charitable organization);
  • Help to amend charter  of a non-governmental organization (NGO);
  • Registration (accreditation) of affiliate of a foreign NGO in Ukraine;
  • Provide legal support during conferences of non-governmental organizations;
  • Help with registration of changes related to management of an NGO;
  • Legal support of activities of sports federations;
  • Legal support of charities;
  • Legal support of NGOs;
  • Provision of legal advices regarding obtainment of non-profit status in Ukraine and tax aspects of not-for-profit activities
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for non-for-profit organizations;
  • Other related legal services.

Additional information

Registration of charitable organizations is one of our firm’s most perfected services. Registration of charities in Kiev and nearby cities is a turn-key project which means that participation of client is minimal. As the result you get your charity registered within shortest possible term. We can also help you with separate tasks like drafting of charter, minutes on foundation of charity, other required documents as well as provide legal advices concerning any aspects of activities of a charitable organization including taxation, endowments, regulatory limitations, etc.

Our attorneys can ensure successful registration of NGO by bodies of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine within one week. Besides the registration itself, there are other procedures that need to be completed in order for a non-governmental organization to be fully operational. An example of such procedure is obtainment of non-profit status. Overall foundation of an NGO is rather complicated procedure which however can be fully completed by our lawyers within 3 weeks.

Even though obtainment of non-profit status in practice often requires amendment of charter (articles of incorporation) of not-for-profit organization, it can become a relatively simple process with the help of our attorneys. Legislation in force which regulates non-profit activities is rather specific and has already undergone several significant changes for the last several years which results in situation when position of tax authorities regarding different aspects of non-profit status is very unclear. In majority of cases, clients who are not familiar with these requirements have to amend their charters in order to get non-profit status in Ukraine.

In most situations our clients need us not only to help with registration of non-for-profit organizations but to provide legal support of their future activities. We provide this kind of legal services either in the form of separate legal advices or full legal support of all activities of non-profit organizations as out of house counsels. Our legal support includes preparation of different internal regulations (disciplinary, financial, etc.), drawing up of agreements between parent organization and its local representatives, special attention is paid to the matters of taxation including provision of legal advices and representation at tax authorities.

Important to know

Non-for-profit organizations in Ukraine mostly act in the form of legal entities which means that they have their own charters. In some situations the law allows to create an organization of the kind without it becoming a legal entity.

Activities of non-governmental organizations in Ukraine are regulated by the law of Ukraine “On non-governmental organizations”.

To find out more about legal services that our firm provides to charities and other non-for-profit organizations contact office of our law firm in Kiev.

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