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Preparation of reliable contract serves as guarantee of productive and long lasting cooperation. This is why our attorneys do not use any templates or typical contracts. As instead we draft a unique contract which best serves our client’s interests and meets all his requirements. At the same time, after many years of practice we have gathered a collection of high quality contracts, the reliability of which has been proven both in Ukraine and abroad.

We provide services related to preparation of both foreign trade and national contracts, participate in negotiations with counterparties, provide legal interpretation of contracts, and support enforcement of contacts.

Agreements that are drawn up by our attorneys meet all the requirements set by Ukrainian legislation, customary law as well as show true intentions of their parties. Even the most popular and necessary in international business relations contracts of sale, transportation, supply, agency, provision of services are prepared by our attorneys with consideration of clients’ interests. Also, while drafting agreements we take into consideration customs procedures, options of tax payment for the purposes of tax avoidance, include provisions which serve as an effective mechanism of enforcement of contract by counterparty, etc.

What we do
  • Participate in negotiations between parties in order to identify true intentions of the parties and their expectations in regard to the contract. Help to choose type of contract and agree on its material terms, etc.
  • Conduct due diligence of counterparty in regard to business reputation, reliability, solvency as well as regarding ongoing litigation involving our client’s counterparty that can directly or indirectly influence entry into agreement and fulfillment of future contract.
  • Help to formalize preliminary agreements of parties in written form, draft letters of intent, memorandum of understanding, etc.
  • Analyze drafts of contracts provided to our client by counterparty prior to their signing. Draft memoranda of agreement, participate in negotiations in order to change the proposed draft.
  • Draft contracts, addendum and annexes to them.
  • Develop security mechanisms which ensure fulfillment of contract by counterparty.
  • Provide legal advices on the matters of novation, substitution of one debtor or creditor for another.
  • Draft arbitration clauses with proper wordings which allow to choose authorized arbitration authority in Ukraine or any other court of international arbitration as well as to establish arbitration ad hoc.
  • Organize filing of complaints and conduction of other actions concerning enforcement of unfulfilled provisions of contract, represent clients in courts and institutions of commercial arbitration in regard to discharge of contract and recognition of agreements as void or unconcluded. 

Additional information about the service 

Our lawyers have significant experience of contracts preparation such as supply agreements, sale contracts, contracts of services provision, transportation agreements, contracts of agency, barter agreements, lease agreements, deeds of gift, loan agreements, license agreements, etc. The contracts are drawn up with consideration of all details of future business relations between parties and based on analysis of Ukrainian legislation in force as well as provisions of international law that are applied in each particular situation. This allows to provide maximum protection of our client’s interests.

Well drafted contract can by itself induce parties to the contract to fulfill their obligations. Besides, use of detailed stipulations concerning obligations of parties significantly decreases chances of disputes arousal.

In case of possible conflicts, the outcome of litigation also significantly depends on corresponding stipulations of contract about liability, procedure of disputes settlement and chosen judicial institute.

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