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Attorneys of our law firm helped a citizen of Egypt to get official invitation to Ukraine

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In December of 2015 our law firm was contacted by a citizen of Ukraine who wanted to get an official invitation letter for her friend from Egypt. Obtainment of such document is provided by Ukrainian legislation for citizens of a number of foreign countries, including Egypt, for subsequent gaining of Ukrainian visa (“C” or “D” type) for entry onto the territory of Ukraine.

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Attorneys of immigration practice law of our firm provided legal support of the entire process of obtainment of the invitation for the foreigner.

Thus, we began with signing of legal services agreement and non-disclosure agreement. As soon as our contract relations were duly formalized, our lawyers provided preliminary legal advices on the matters of Ukrainian visa obtainment and requested a number of documents that were necessary to get the invitation of foreign person to Ukraine. Also, our lawyers explained financial requirements that were set by the law in regard to foreigner’s staying in our country as well as helped to calculate the amount of funds that were necessary to serve as guaranty for issuance of the invitation letter based on expected duration of stay.

After receiving all the requested documents, our law firm organized their translation as well as proper formalization. Also, we helped to fill out application forms and prepare other related documents.

The invitation letter was successfully issued within 10 days since the moment when the client contacted our office in Kiev. Upon its issuance the document was sent to Egypt by courier delivery in order for the foreign person to apply for issuance of Ukrainian visa at the consular or diplomatic establishment of Ukraine in Egypt.

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Subsequently the citizen of Egypt contacted our law firm concerning our legal services of obtainment of temporary residence permit and employment permit in Ukraine.

If you are interested in our legal services related to receiving of invitation for obtainment of Ukrainian visa by foreigners or other related services, feel free to contact office of our firm in Kiev.

Views: 2187
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