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Get TIN in Ukraine in 1 day

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A client came to us with a request to obtain a TIN in Ukraine in an accelerated mode. Our company usually does not provide such single services - only in conjunction with the execution of the ultimate purpose of obtaining TIN - for example, for registration of residence permit in Ukraine or the conclusion of certain kinds of contracts.

After talking with a client, we found out that he needs TIN for the purchase of real estate in Kiev. Having contacted a realtor he found out that he will need TIN for the conclusion of the contract and he contacted us.

The client wanted to get TIN quickly - within 1 day, because he had to be in Ukraine for only a couple of days, and wanted to have time to get to the notary to sign the contract.

Being aware of all the risks of buying unproven real estate in Ukraine we offered our clients full support in purchasing a property, including obtaining TIN, checking the property and preparing the contract. To which the Client happily agreed, because this was a response to his desire to get an apartment in Ukraine with the least amount of his time and zeroing the possibility of fraud in the process of buying an apartment.

We did not just get a TIN for the Client in 1 day, but also conducted the entire property inspection, and prepared the documents for the purchase so that he invested in the time he needed.

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Get an identification code for a foreigner in Ukraine to buy real estate

Since the Client has already looked for a suitable apartment, we began our work with the inspection of the property and the builder, since the apartment was in a building under construction.

Our lawyers began the inspection of the property, which consists of the following stages:

  • Checking the builder. At this stage, we check the history of the builder and related companies.

  • Inspection of the property itself. At this stage we check the land of the new building, and on what rights it belongs to the developer.

  • Checking the contract of sale of the property. At the Client's request we can propose amendments to the contract or develop our own draft of the contract.

We also did all the preparatory work: we received a TIN and organized the opening of an account for him in a Ukrainian bank, through which to pay for the purchase of real estate. We received a TIN for the Client by power of attorney, his personal presence was required only at the stage of opening an account at the bank.

After that we proceeded to conclude the contract for the purchase of the apartment. Since the Client had to leave Ukraine, we drew up a special power of attorney, on the basis of which the deal was done at the notary, handing the ownership documents to the Client.

Most often, the biggest inconvenience is the need to visit government agencies without knowledge of the language, which is difficult and time-consuming. Of course, our Client did not face such a problem, because all the work was done by our lawyers, handing the Client a ready-made code.

The cost of obtaining TIN in Ukraine can be learned from our specialists, explaining your situation.

We will not only help you quickly and easily get TIN in Ukraine, but also help to implement those plans, for which you get TIN.

Views: 299