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Is there a difference in buying land, office or apartment in Ukraine?

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According to the laws of Ukraine both an individual foreigner and a foreign legal person can buy various types of real estate in Ukraine, including land, although there are restrictions. 

The main question is how to buy real estate in Ukraine safely, without losing too much time and money.

Consultation of a lawyer on the purchase of real estate in Ukraine - the guarantee of a safe and profitable purchase of real estate in Ukraine.

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Legal support for the purchase of land or apartments for a foreigner in Kiev and other regions in Ukraine

Legal advice and support of a lawyer in the process of buying real estate in Ukraine includes:

  • Counseling regarding the process of buying real estate in Ukraine;

  • Assessing the risks of buying a property in Ukraine for a foreigner;

  • Negotiating with the seller, organizing the process of buying and selling real estate, including meeting with a notary and translation of documents;

  • If necessary, we help you get the necessary identification number for the transaction (if you do not have one);

  • Review of the seller's documents and the real estate sale and purchase agreement itself;

  • Property due diligence prior to purchase.

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What is the difference between buying land, office or apartment for a foreigner in Ukraine?

The nuances of buying different types of real estate in Ukraine for foreign citizens.

Buy an apartment or office in Ukraine.

We combined these two types of real estate in one item, because in fact there is no difference in the rules between the purchase of residential or commercial real estate for foreigners in Ukraine. At the same time it is important to know to:

  • Check the property before you buy it. Check not only the property itself, but also the builder and the contract for the purchase of real estate.

  • Collect the package of documents for the purchase. For example, if you are a natural person, you will need to get a TIN in Ukraine and open an account in Ukrainian currency.

  • Obtain documents on the right of ownership of real estate in Ukraine. According to the results of the transaction you should have on hand a certain package of documents confirming your right of ownership of real estate. 

Buy land in Ukraine.

Important! Foreigners in Ukraine are not allowed to buy land for certain purposes, such as agricultural land. But it is possible to lease them. 

Non-agricultural lands in Ukraine may be purchased by foreigners, but there is a difference in who acquires the land - natural person or legal entity.

Important! If you register LLC in Ukraine, even with 100% foreign capital, there will be no restrictions on it.

If you are interested in buying land in Ukraine, our lawyers will figure out your situation and select the most favorable option of acquiring land and its registration for your purposes.

Want to buy an apartment or land in Ukraine? Please contact us! We guarantee you a secure real estate transaction in Ukraine.

Views: 371